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Race Season Write Ups

Race Season Write Ups

2018 Race Season Updates


2018 Race Season Stats

King of Ca Round 1 & 2 Update: This weekend's races were awesome, got to get a feel for what my new Hyper Chassis can do against others. 

**Friday night @ Dixon started 7th out of 21 cars, on the start a yellow came out and got taken out by another car and was dead on the track was sent to the back, worked my way back up to 7th. With another wreck involving two other cars the officials felt I was involved and they sent me to the back again. By the end of the race I finish 16th. 

**Round 2 @ Delta qualified 12th out of 35 cars, won my heat race, started in 12th position and work my way up to 4th to finish the night. What amazing weekend of racing!! I love my new car, it is so much fun to drive...

King of California Rnd 3 & 4 

**Night 1 was at Plaza Park with 25 Restricted cars I qualified 8th, won my heat which put me in 7th position on the start. Worked my way through traffic finishing in 3rd.

**Night 2 Held at Lemoore Raceway with 28 Restricted cars I qualified 4th won my heat race and started on pole, what a race my Hyper Chassis was amazing as the track changed it helped me position myself for the Big WIN!!! 

** Delta Speedway Race #3   30 cars I qualified 1st fast time got third in my heat race that put me on pole for the main event. In the main I was leading and feeling great when a red came out and when we started to go again my car wasn’t running good I couldn’t clear the engine and I had to stop. When I did my engine completely died. I got it fired back up but they put me to the back. I worked hard to get up to 10th at the finish. I’m really bummed but I’m getting the car ready to go and we will do better at the next race

**Race Update 5/18/18 - Dixon Speedway King of California - Qualified 3rd, 2nd in Heat and 2nd in the Dash. This put me outside front row for the Main... I passed for lead on lap 5 and with rough driving by second place driver I was still able to win the Main...

 **5/19/18 Race Update - Delta Speedway King of California - I had a bad qualification with being one of the last cars to go out on a dry slick track, I missed my marks to only qualify 11th, heat race I finished 2nd that put me in 11th position for the main. Start of the main a spin out happened in the first turn I had no room to go around and hit the car. That put me back to 20th for the restart and only could pass up to 13th for the finish 

May 25th & 26th Tachi Nationals -Good first night of racing Tiachi palace national Lemoore Raceway.
2nd in heat and 6th in main night two going for a Win. Kids always working.. 

June 8th King of California Plaza Park took 6th out of 20 cars great night of racing.

June 9th King of California Lemoore Raceway another great night of racing in my Hyper Chassis, Hamblin Powered Motor out of 26 cars I took 4th...

June 15th & 16th Summer Sizzle @ Delta - Another awesome weekend of racing Friday night I finally won at Delta speedway and Saturday I finished 7th with a mistake made while running 4th I ended up 7th.
My Air One racing Chris Magoon, Hyper chassis Mike Dicely, Hinkle Performance Chris Hinkle tuned, Hamblin Racing Steve Hamblin powered car was awesome. We made some changes that really worked and I can’t wait to race again. See everyone at Speed week.
Special Thank you to Barry Pries Jr. and the Always Safe pools family for coming out. Also Dennis Fraser, Jessica Naye, Robert Nalezny and Katie Babcock. All your support is great makes racing so fun.

Weekend Rerun - Racepunck